Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andy Samberg with Rahm Emanual in Chicago on Friday (vid)

Update: Thanks to Freya for the scoop. Originally posted this morning.

Here's Andy introducing / roasting Rahm Emanual:


It hardly seems like Rahm Emanuel needs any more celebrity help in the Chicago mayor's race. Bill Clinton was in town earlier this week endorsing him, and we just found out that he's getting millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the likes of Steve Jobs and Steven Spielberg. Plus, he's winning in the polls by a ridiculous margin.

But wait, there's more! Before the speech, Andy hangs with Rahm at the subway and meets Chicago-ians:

"Saturday Night Live" star and internet phenom Andy Samberg, who has done some hilarious impersonations of Rahm on the show, joined the candidate in shaking hands with CTA riders Friday night.

It's by turns amazing and painful to watch, as reporters keep trying to crack jokes with the world-famous comedian. But Samberg always plays it off: when one reporter asks if Rahm sent him a dead fish to get him to campaign with him, Andy comes back with, "I did wake up with a horse's head this morning. But that's not because of Rahm. I'm just into some weird stuff."


Thanks to Anony for the scoop!

Sure, Rahm doesn't need the extra publicity to win the race. But I think he's trying to do more than win. I think he's trying to be the legendary mayor of Chicago, and it all starts here.

So it's cool for Andy to participate in that. Plus that speech that Andy gave (the top video) was fantastic! Andy had some great jokes there. I think he was fizzling out at the end with the Mayor McCheese stuff, but still very funny nonetheless.

However, regarding that one girl in the subway that used Andy's line on him ("Say hi to your mother for me")... I recommend people don't use his lines on him if you meet him. Just say nice things and then bring up a topic he's interested in. Using his own lines on him has got to be so annoying. Unless your purpose is to annoy him. =^)


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Freya said...

So cute, he looks like a little lost sheep! Awww...
Heres another video


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