Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Andy Samberg - I Just Had Sex (SNL Digital Short)

Update: We added some images and a sweet, animated GIF! Yay! We also added a link to the lyrics. Originally posted 12/19 at 2:10 AM (PST).

Here are the lyrics:


The first single of The Lonely Island's 2nd album!!!
Featuring Akon, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and John McEnroe!

So this starts out feeling like a remake of I'm On a Boat (describing something basic). But you quickly forget that with all the gags here and with the awesome appearances of Akon, Jessica Alba, and Blake Lively. Hilarious!

It's also cool when Jessica and Blake start dancing near the end.

Akon's loving this song. =^)

First single of TLI's new album in 2011. This proves that Andy's on the album and that this is probably what Jorma is focusing on. (With the last album, they did it in the summer, and they're doing it during SNl this time, so it makes sense that Jorma stepped away from SNL to focus on stuff like this.)

And the fireworks at the end are awesome! This is by far my favorite digital short of the year. I just wonder if they can follow it up with another hit single or two (like how they followed up Jiz* in My Pants last time with I'm On a Boat and Like a Boss (plus Mother Lover, but that was origainl and not on the album)).

Oh, wow, I just saw the "sexolympics" sign. Hahahaha. And check out Akon's facial expression with the fireworks at the end! Hilarious!!! And check out Jorma's expression when he jumps on his mom and dad! He looks all crazy! =^)

So Andy and TLI met Blake Lively when she cameo'd on SNL in a James Franco Digital Short on 09.20.2008. She then hosted on 12.05.2009 and did a promo with Andy. She had Andy do his Swedish Chef in her monologue. (She didn't do a digital short with Andy because Andy did Shy Ronnie with Rihanna that episode.) And this is Blake's second cameo and third appearance/episode of SNL.

Andy met Jessica Alba back in 2006. Andy was a writer for two years on the MTV Movie Awards (2004, 2005), and Jimmy Fallon hosted in 2005, and got Andy and TLI on SNL. So they (probably the producers or writers) connected with Andy, and they brought Andy into a skit for the 2006 MTV Movie Awards (yes, Andy hosted the Movie Awards three years later, in 2009). In 2006, Jessica Alba was hosting. So Andy played Ron Google, Seth played himself as an audience member, and Jessica got disgusted about how Andy and Seth made fun of how everyone was googling Jessica. So that's how Andy met Jessica. This digital short is Jessica's first appearance EVER on SNL.

This was aired during the following episode...

December 18, 2010
Host: Jeff Bridges
Musical Guests: Eminem, Lil Wayne

About the episode: Andy was in five skits this week, including this one. He got to play Rahm Emanuel, Mark Zuckerberg, his ancestor Moishe Samberg (back for a second time from a Justin Timberlake immigration skit), and Billy Bob Thornton. This was a much-needed dose of Andy after him only being in the Stumblin digital short last week with Paul Rudd. We need Andy on the show to make sure it's got some good parts (not saying Andy's the only good player, but he certainly helps when he's in lots of skits like this). Go Andy, go!

What's your favorite part of "I Just Had Sex"?



Anonymous said...

Only available in the US?! Is this a joke?!

Anonymous said...

good 1

Ed Price said...


Really? Only the US? I was hoping because it was YouTube that it would be international. =^(


mm said...

this one was quite plebeian; though the commoners may have enjoyed it, i did not (except for the bit about the pile of manure -- that one resonated).

Connie said...

I loved it. I think we've all been there! The Dudes have a way of tapping into this universal immaturity =D

Anonymous said...

Oh YouTube is fine but it's only available on US iTunes

Ed Price said...

The last Anony,

Ah. Thanks for clarifying!


It is a little rare to find an Andy fan who prefers intellectual humor. =^)

Some of Andy's shorts a little more clever than this one, but I think the humor here is in the immaturity, absurdity, and in the different reactions going on.


Anonymous said...

to me- "Stumblin" topped this, hands down- LOVED it!

This ("I just had sex") was fun- I could see it really catching on, which is how it was written to be; however, I thought it could have been pushed more.
...I can see tomatoes being thrown at the screen towards me now....sorry, just my opinion.

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