Thursday, November 10, 2011

Did Andy Samberg and SNL steal Shy Ronnie and Like a Boss from Aleric Banks???

So I'm going to show you an article where Aleric Banks + partner are suing The Lonely Island individuals (including Andy), Universal Republic Records, and NBC/Universal.

Thanks to Anony for this scoop!

So Aleric claims SNL (and those involved) stole their music. But here's where it gets strange. Just previously they were exclaiming about their big break that they got the music on SNL and were nominated for an Emmy (for Shy Ronnie). See that here:

Here you see that Aleric was credited and nominated for the Emmy:

So what happened? Aleric got his credit. So what's the deal?

Wait, did Aleric just give it away without signing a contract???

Here's what Aleric said (in the article above), "At first it just come from me not charging no one. Like, I got a CD full of tracks, here."

And apparently he handed the tracks to Andy Samberg (and only Andy). Um, really? Did you sign a contract or anything?

Um, dude, it sounds like you just gave your music away, keeping it purposefully vague so that you could sue them later when they don't automatically pay you (why would they if they think you were giving them free music). I mean, if they thought it was free, then that might be the only reason why they even took it in the first place.

Picture this. Andy's at a party. You run up to him and scream, "Listen to my music! It's free! Take it now!" He does. He likes it. He uses it. Why does he listen to it and use it? Because you just said it's free. He wouldn't have otherwise done that.

Andy made sure Aleric got credit. Doesn't sound like a steal. Sounds like a miscommunication.

So instead of partying with Andy more and knocking on TLI's door saying, "I wrote your Emmy nominated sound track. Remember me? I've got more tracks and ideas and I want to collaborate with you. But this time, we need to do a contract? I earned it though, right? Sweet music, right?"

Instead of doing that, they slap the hand that gave them their shot and sue them??? Really? Is that a good idea (suing NBC, Universal, TLI, SNL, and Republic Records)? Do you not like working and making money? Because even if you win, no one will want to work with you (especially them).

So, what do you think? Does Aleric have a good point, or did he pretty much set up his own obstacles when he made them think that they were getting free music? Oh, and if Aleric or a friend are reading this, please leave a comment and give us more info.

Here's Shy Ronnie:

Now, here's the article about the lawsuit....

Andy Samberg's gonna need a lawyer for this rap.

The Saturday Night Live funnyman and NBC have found themselves on the receiving end of a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by a St. Louis music producing team who allege Samberg swiped their tunes to use as the basis of two of the SNL Digital Shorts he did with his Lonely Island mates.

Here's the deal.

Per the complaint filed in a federal court in New York and obtained by E! News, Aleric Banks and Monique Hinds claim they gave Samberg instrumental music masters to which he put lyrics and then exploited with his Lonely Island collaborators, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, in his Emmy-nominated 2009 sketch with Rihanna called "Shy Ronnie."

According to court docs, the comedian then allegedly used other master tracks of theirs in the SNL sketch "Like a Boss," featuring Seth Rogen.

The duo is seeking a full accounting of all the profits so they can obtain both credit and producer royalties for the use of the compositions as well as unspecified damages and court costs.

Other defendants named in the action include Schaffer, Taccone, Universal Republic Records and NBCUniversal.

A rep for the conglomerate (also the parent company for E! Entertainment) was unavailable for comment.

Read more:

So what do you think? Does this seem pretty foolish of Aleric (you know, shooting yourself in the foot in several different ways... not making it clear that you need a contract and then suing those who gave you something awesome)?

Also, if you're Aleric or a friend, feel free to drop details in the comments and steer us to the truth.


1 comment:

X-tina Smith said...

oh please! what is that? it was in 2009 for God's sake! does he need a new house or what???

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