Sunday, September 14, 2008

Andy Samberg - Hosts the Space Olympics (Digital Short)

Andy Samberg Hosts the Space Olympics in 3022

s.34 : ep.1 |03:02

The year is 3022 and this galactic sporting event is having some financial issues

Yeah. Um. Mostly weird. Really funny in parts. But, um, why is this a song? =^)

I think it would be funnier just to come up with fake olympic events.

However, they deserve mad props for the effects. Cheesey? Yes, but I know how much work they put into those effects and the amount of work blows me away. Mad props.

What's your favorite part?

Good parts of this video:

- The music
- The cheesey effects
- Drug tests are mandatory (shows pee) - You're a winner
- We don't cover incidentals, so keep... out of the mini bar
- No curfew... No light or sounds
1 - Michael Phelps appearance
1 - Was that Ryan Lochte?
- All other events are pending
- Explosion at the end

Andy should still do an impression of Ryan Lochte, before everyone forgets about Ryan.



Anonymous said...

Hey did you notice Ryan Lochte? He pops up holding an axe right after it's announced that some events are canceled.

Anonymous said...

I just love that he yells at Micheal Phelps "You're in the muthafuckin space olympics!" thats my favorite part. I've been saying it since saturday... lmao

Anonymous said...

hell yeah. so funny. tivo'd this and watched it about 10 times. 1. yelling into phelps ear 2. "no light or sound" 3. The final part when the lyrics change to a love song, brilliant 4. And when he flies from the bottom of the screen to the top. 5. Some of his dance moves.

Todd said...

Hilarious video and I love the song. It's like "Europe" (of "The Final Countdown" fame) reunited with Falco as lead singer. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Best parts are:

1) triumphant look on his face as the greetings in different languages scroll by.

2) the 'ah screw it' look on his face when he discovers the budget snafu.

3) the dead cat.

Anonymous said...

Good call on the Falco.

Anonymous said...

1. "reach for the gold!"
2. "you're a winner!"

Mike Gianella said...

As usual, it's the little touches that make this funny: Andy's little dance at the beginning of the short, the hand-off of the urine sample, and the fact that he's using one of those clunky adding machines from the 1970s in the year 3022. Very absurd.

Anonymous said...

i just find the "i know my sins will take me to hell" line so funny in its stupidity

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