Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Andy Samberg In The Looker - The Transcript

Episode: James Franco / Kings of Leon

The Looker

The Looker/Penny Marshall....Fred Armisen
The Closer/Kyra Sedgwick....Kristen Wiig
Juliette Lewis....Andy Samberg
Suspect 1....Will Forte
Suspect 2....James Franco
Suspect 3....Jason Sudeikis

[Opens with TNT's logo]

Caption: TNT. We know drama.

Announcer: Coming soon to TNT. If you liked Kyra Sedgwick in "The Closer".

[Kyra poses]

Caption: The Closer.

[Cut to an interrogation room. She is handling a suspect]

The Closer: Confess! Confe-e-e-ess!

Announcer: Then get ready for TNT's newest crime drama. This fall Penny Marshall is "The Looker"

Caption: The Looker

[Penny Marshall has a bored to death look on her face. She wears small glasses]

Announcer: She's a tough lady cop. And she's looking for justice. She's The Looker.

[The Looker is in a interrogation room. She looks at the suspect with a bored look on her face.]

Suspect 2: Forget it, lady. You can't prove a thing. [The Looker just looks at him] Look at me all you want. I'm not talking. [Bored looks continue] Those are some tiny glasses. [More bored looks] Ok! You win! I'll sign the confession! [signs confession] Why are your glasses so small?!

Announcer: Look out, bad guys. Justice has a new face, and it looks like Penny Marshall.

[Penny waves someone off camera bored]

[Another suspect in the interrogation room]

Suspect 3: Ok, Looker. Do your worst. [The Looker puts on an even more tiny glasses on the bridge of her nose. Suspect signs confession] Son of a bitch. [Laughs]

Announcer: This fall drama's got an attitude and a freaky small pair of glasses. And coming soon, has The Looker finally met her match? Featuring special guest star Juliette Lewis.

[The Looker and Juliette stare at each other in an almost catatonic state]

Announcer: Whoa! Look out everybody, here comes "The Looker"!

Caption: The Looker

The Looker: Only on TNT.



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