Monday, September 01, 2008

Andy Samberg - Thinks that Roy Rules

9/01/08 Update: Added embedded Hulu video.

4/30/08 Update: Added an image and counter argument. Also embedded a New video and added some more commentary under the video. Originally posted 4/24/07, so this is the one-year anniversary update. =^)


Who doesn't think that Roy rules?

Andy Samberg pulls out another SNL Digital Short on the April 21, 2007 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Check out some image captures that jennafcb posted heah (spoken in the voice of Cartman):

This is basically Sloths but pointed at Roy instead. The good thing is that nobody is urinating on America's gravestone. That line really upset some people. Still, "burn his marriage license in a wastebin" is pretty close to the same thing.

Like the vulgar Sloths and Tucker's Song, this was obviously written by Brian Tucker, who plays Roy in this video.

However, a good counter point is that the Lonely Island dudes have potty mouths and senses of humor that go along with that. If they didn't think these things were funny, they wouldn't do them.

This song is more heavy metal than actual rap.

"And then macks on bananas."

Warning: It starts off silly, but then it becomes Andy wanting to have sex with Roy, with a lot of detail. This is a great idea, but it crosses over to the "offensive is funny" style of humor. Andy can come up with creative songs that are much more successful than this one. They should stop letting Brian write these songs. (Update: they did stop.)

Andy later said that this was his favorite sketch he's done at SNL. The reason is because he actually has a brother-in-law named Roy, and the guy shown at the end is actually Roy. He said that Roy thought it was really funny except for the sexual stuff, which is why Andy thought it was even funnier. Andy likes this one because he pulled a prank on his brother-in-law in front of millions of viewers.


I like how the font for "Roy Rules" is always medieval death metal, even though it's a different font every time. The Lonely Island boyz (i.e. Jorma) are getting better editing skillz.



Anonymous said...

I agree with you, "Just 2 Guyz" is way better that "Roy Ruuuleees". Well, I rather songs that are silly than these dirrty ones. At least the melody and these kind of stuff are stucked in my head.
By the way, I'm really pissed off with Sony Entertainment Television(paid channel that shows SNL), they ought not to show SNL this weekend but to show two painful hours of Celebrity Poker Showdown. Not only we are one season behind, useless delays like this happens.

Ed Price said...

1 season behind! That's killer!

Anonymous said...

Deleting comments, I see.

Ed Price said...

Any comment is subject to be deleted if it says that someone else's opinion is wrong or if it attacks someone else's opinion in any way. We need to be respectful of each other's opinions and acknowledge that we are unlikely to agree in all areas.

When a counter opinion is given in a comment, it is usually added to the post as a counter opinion. If the counter opinion is disrespectful, it is rewritten in a respectful way, added to the post as a counter opinion, and then deleted as a comment.

We've also noticed that most disrespectful comments (on all blogs, not just this one) are given by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.



Anonymous said...

I disagree

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