Saturday, November 01, 2008

SNL - 10/25/08: John Hamm and Coldplay

Updated 11/1 with three new skits/vids. We added Jon Hamm's John Ham, Vincent Price's Halloween Special, and the Backstage vid. Originally posted 10/26.

Ben Affleck's up this week! Is he still around? =^)


SNL Backstage: Coldplay

After the Show: Coldplay

They've been inviting the musicians to play after the show and then taping it.

Road to the White House

Sen. Joe Biden and Rep. Jack Murtha say crazy things in Johnstown, PA

Sudeikis' Biden and Hammond's Murtha aren't funny here. The previous Biden gag of repeating himself about how great and horrible that McCain is was pretty funny. The gag of predicting the future here loses steam very quickly.

Andy is in the background!

A-Holes: Pitch Meeting

A hula hoop never sounded so good...

Good to see the A Holes again! Who's the woman sitting at the table? Wow, the ad pitch is actually amazing! =^)

Vincent Price's Halloween Special

A spooky relic dug up from 1959.

Classic Bill Hader character. I liked the one they did with Alfred Hitchcock, Lucy, and Ricky.

Obama Address

Sen. Obama plays it safe and musical...

We were all a little curious how Obama was going to fill an hour-long special, seeing how he never actually says anything. So SNL answers the question by having him entertain you instead. Nice. =^)

Bill Clinton = Awesome!!!

Andy Samberg does backup to Speaker Pelosi. Maya Rudolph guest stars.

Digital Short: Rasta Man

A Rastafarian melody for the Quad.

Andy! Andy! Andy! Gotta love the gag where he passes the black guys.

Campaign Ads

Pat Finger is running in Butts

Yup, you've already got the gag before you press play. This is one of those series of three shorts they aired.

Jon Hamm's John Ham

Finally, ham you can eat in the bathroom!

This is a hilarious pun and it helps people remember Jon Hamm's name. =^)

Update: Ralph Nader

Third Party Candidate Ralph Nader stops by Weekend Update

Not so funny.

Don Draper's Guide

You too, can be like Don Draper...

Funny stuff.


Overall: Overall this week was pretty... weak. Andy's Rasta song was okay, with a gag or two. The Don Draper guide was funny, the Obama show had a few good gags, and the Two A Holes had a few gags. But overall, this week didn't really find much humor.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

noooo- this week was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

SNL keeps sucking. Kat and I have watched every episode this season and have only laughed out loud like, 3 or 4 times. Not ok.

Ed Price said...

Hey, Jen. I liked the two episodes before this one. Last week's Andy VS Mark was ammusing and the rap that the Lonely Island dudes put together for Palin/Amy was hilarious! Plus the week before featured the Extreme Activities Competition and Andy's Wahlberg impression (though I don't think Mark wants Andy to do it again). So I was starting to feel good about SNL before this week's stinker. I only laughed a few times, and they were more like smirks.


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