Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TV Guide thinks Andy Samberg's Rasta Man is annoying

SNL Digital Short
I'm annoyed the instant I hear the music and hear Andy Samberg's dreadlock wig and tone deaf voice. He's spoofing the doucey rasta wannabes. The only funny part is when he's singing his song and shuts up as he walks by a group of African-American guys, knowing how douchey they'd think it was. Ha! But on whole, Samberg was still annoying to me.

All TV guide's thoughts about this episode...

Congrats to Amy Poehler who had her baby earlier on Saturday! While there wasn't an appearance by Tina Fey or Sarah Palin or Obama, we still had many a fun surprise this week. As previously reported, Maya Rudolph played Michelle Obama, and two Mad Men favorites appeared in a sketch as well. I have to admit, I thought this week was going to be a mess, but Jon Hamm really delivered! Now on to the show...

Cold Opening
One more SNL until the election and they open with this? Jason Sudeikis reprises his role as Joe Biden and Darrell Hammond plays Jack Murtha who are at a campaign rally. They're spoofing the fact that Biden has become a gaffe-master by saying that Obama will most definitely face a world crisis in the first six months of his presidency. He names a bunch of ridiculous scenarios like surrendering to China and just keeps digging himself in deeper. Murtha digs his ditch deeper by calling Western Pennsylvanians worse names than he had previously (saying, "anyone seen Deliverance?"). I think this one is only really funny if you've seen the real footage of these massive gaffes. The sketch is just OK and certainly no Palin/Bush matchup.

Hello hotness that is Jon Hamm. Even if you don't watch Mad Men, Hamm's show that is airing its finale this week, just enjoy him as eye candy. Isn't he pretty? Even better, he's really friggin' funny! He talks about Mad Men and how no one knows what it is, or when it's on. He then says it's set in the '60s and is about …Dancing with the Stars, starring all the people on CSI, and that McCain and Obama will appear on the finale and smoke weed, so tune in! HA!

Trick or Treating Sketch
Jon plays a nice neighbor handing out candy to kids. Will Forte enters as a creepy old man who asks for candy and spouts some nonsense ending with, "What??" Jon tells him to take a hike, basically, but Will comes back and says he's new in town and wants to make friends. Jon apologizes and when he asks what his costume is, Will says he's a sex offender. It just spirals down from there, but I can't help but laugh because Forte is so brilliant in his delivery.

SNL Digital Short
I'm annoyed the instant I hear the music and hear Andy Samberg's dreadlock wig and tone deaf voice. He's spoofing the doucey rasta wannabes. The only funny part is when he's singing his song and shuts up as he walks by a group of African-American guys, knowing how douchey they'd think it was. Ha! But on whole, Samberg was still annoying to me.

Mad Men Sketch
Now, I haven't seen Mad Men but many of my colleagues insist it's the best thing since sliced bread, so I'm waiting to Netflix Season 1. But, I do know that Elisabeth Moss, who is sitting at the conference table as the sketch open, plays coif-challenged Peggy! Fun cameo alert! I also know that our staff editor Adam Bryant (who recaps Mad Men) just squealed because her appearance was totally a surprise! It's OK Adam, you can stop squealing now. Wow, John Slattery just came in (Adam, don't hyperventilate)! We all heart John Slattery. They're all preparing for a meeting with the annoying "Babe" couple played by Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig. The funniness wears off in the middle until Sudeikis calls out Bill Hader as the gay guy. Hader says, "Who me????" Ha! Well played.

A Message from Barack and Michelle Obama
Maya Rudolph is in the house! She plays Michelle and Fred Armisen is Obama. They've decided their lead is so big that the half hour of air time that he bought can now be used for a variety hour. They bust out into "Solid as Barack" and then cut to Nancy Pelosi (Wiig) singing "Our House (Is a Very Fine House)," and her nasally flat note at the end cracks me up. They should have started the night with this sketch! Next up is Bill Clinton singing "Don't Forget about Me" with slutty dancers in the background. Hee. Then Hamm plays the ghost of JFK and gives his blessing and endorsement to Obama. Good stuff.

Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women
Jon plays his Mad Men alter ego who is educating other men on how to pick up women. Step one is to remain silent: Wiig comes in and speaks to him, but all he does is stare at her with his lustful eyes, and she melts. Step two is to give vague answers about your past. Casey buys that bit and he winks awesomely at the end. Step three is to have a great name. Amy Poehler walks in and he introduces himself and she plainly says, "Let's get me out of this skirt." Ha! Rule four is too long to list, but it's basically every trait that Don has including smoking and drinking constantly, lying about everything and taking six hour lunches. Ha! Well done!

Coldplay Performs
Coldplay is awesome, but can anyone tell me why someone so loaded wears the same damn outfit every time he performs this song??? Also, his voice couldn't hit the high notes and he flailed around like a fish outta water. None of that matters though, because they're Coldplay.

Weekend Update
Seth Meyers is flying solo this week because Amy is off with her baby! Here are some of the best lines:

Seth: On Wednesday Barack Obama danced live via satellite for the Ellen DeGeneres show in an attempt to prove that he's not a Muslim but rather, very, very white.

Seth: According to expense reports Sarah Palin charged the state of Alaska over $21,000 to have her children travel with her on official business. In fairness to Governor Palin, when she leaves them at home they tend to get pregnant.

Will Forte plays Robo Call, the automated calling system used by McCain to deliver a message about Obama and Ayers' relationship. Forte is literally a silver painted phone. He is once again brilliant in his delivery of the shamed and suicidal phone system that next week "has to tell black people that the election is cancelled."

Bill Hader plays Ralph Nader and the rhyme that just happened th,ere made me laugh more than this bit. We all know that Ralph Nader is old, obsolete and boring.

I won't even dignify Nicholas Fehn bit with a comment. Wait, I just did. For some reason, the audience is into this sketch. They must be high from looking at the hotness that is Jon Hamm.

But the sweetest/best part was the serenade that Maya and Keenan gave to their missing comrade, Amy. They sang, "We miss you Amy, and we can't wait to meet your baby!"

You can just tell how much they love her (cuz the show ain't the same without her).

Vincent Price's Halloween Show
Hader plays Vincent well, with one part prissy, one part pissy. Wiig and Hamm are hysterical as Gloria Swanson (Sunset Blvd.) and James Mason (Lolita), but the skit goes on too long.

Jon Hamm's John Ham
This is so gross but totally funny in the way that a bass-o-matic is – it's over the top, ridiculous and nasty, yet I can't stop laughing. Jon's ham is on a roll in the bathroom across from the toilet paper. He actually rips a piece off and eats what is clearly processed packaged deli meat stuck together on a toilet roll. And, if you order now, you'll get a free mustard soap! EW!

Pat Finger Sketch (from Butts, NY)
As you can imagine, they use every "butt" joke they could come up with in a two minute period. "I can't wait to lick crack from butts!" "Put a Deldeaux in Butts!" I know it's crude and fourth grade, but I'm "crackin'" up (Thanks, I'll be here all week).

Coldplay gets a third song and it's their classic "Yellow." I'm so glad, because I love their first album.

Kudos to Jon Hamm!



Anonymous said...

It WAS annoying. I couldn't stop cringing. You know i LOVE Andy and his superawesome voice, but I think he was trying WAY to hard to suck at singing this week. Instead of being hilarious, like usual, it was almost vomit-inducing. I still love Andy forever. <3

Ed Price said...

Thanks Sparkly Jen!

To be honest, i think Andy can't hit the higher notes. He also did this in "Best Look in the World." I don't think he was trying to be out of key. It just happened. He needs his GF to give him some singing lessons! I also love him though, and I love his songs!


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