Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday Night Live, 11/22/08 - Tim McGraw with Ludacris and T-Pain

Saturday Night Live, 11/22/08 - Tim McGraw with Ludacris and T-Pain

Whilst we search for Andy Samberg vids...

SNL Promo with Tim McGraw

Jason makes an indecent proposal...

Cold Open: The Big Three Automakers

Summary: Barney Frank (Fred Armisen) talks about the big three

Recurring Characters: Barney Frank.

Fred Armisen ... Barney Frank
Jim Downey ... announcer (voice)
Will Forte ... Rick Wagoner
Bill Hader ... Walter Jones
Darrell Hammond ... Robert Nardelli
Bobby Moynihan ... Peter King
Jason Sudeikis ... Alan Mulally
Kenan Thompson ... Gregory Meeks
Michaela Watkins ... assistant
Kristen Wiig ... panelist
Casey Wilson ... Carolyn Maloney

Tim McGraw's Monologue

Summary: Tim McGraw informs viewers tuning in just to hear Ludacris and t-Pain that country music is not that far removed from rap music, then performs "Good Man" to prove his point.


Clear Rite

Summary: Karen (Kristen Wiig) practices a commercial for the adult retainer she invented.

The world's first adult retainer that is completely unnoticeable.

Tim McGraw ... boyfriend
Fred Armisen ... Tyler
Michaela Watkins ... Shannon
Kristen Wiig ... Karen/Beth


There's the new SNL featured player, Miichaela Watkins.


Summary: (Bill Hader) leads this bit.

Dateline investigates Real Life Crimes and Bad Situations.

Tim McGraw ... Kurt Bird
Bill Hader ... Keith Morrison
Jason Sudeikis ... Jeff Bishop
Kristen Wiig ... Sara Hallman
Casey Wilson ... Lily Bishop

Bill Hader can do any impression and make it funny!

Turkey Chase / Turkey Day

Summary: A group of turkeys (Tim McGraw, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis) outrun bullets before Thanksgiving.

Turkeys in the wild, running for their lives...

Note: This sketch was cut from the dress rehearsal of the episode hosted by Ludacris two seasons earlier.

Tim McGraw ... turkey
Fred Armisen ... turkey
Andy Samberg ... turkey
Jason Sudeikis ... turkey
Kenan Thompson ... Richard, turkey
Michaela Watkins ... Terri, turkey
Kristen Wiig ... turkey

Wow, they brought this sketch back two years later!!! It must be a coincidence that Ludacris was in this episode too, because he's not in this skit (I'd think if he was the one pushing for this skit then he would have asked to be in it too).

Live Another Death / Bond Casino Showdown

Summary: It's a showdown between James Bond (Bill Hader) vs. Le Chiffre (Fred Armisen) at a Texas Hold 'Em table also occupied by redneck Dwayne (Tim McGraw).

007 gets a lucky dose of trailer trash.

Tim McGraw ... Dwayne Bodine
Fred Armisen ... Le Chiffre
Will Forte ... Casino employee
Bill Hader ... James Bond
Andy Samberg ... Waiter
Kristen Wiig ... Pussy Galore

Ludacris and T-Pain perform "Thr33 Rings"


Weekend Update with Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers

Summary: Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond). Arianna Huffington (Michaela Watkins). Zell Miller (Will Forte).

Recurring Characters: Bill Clinton, Zell Miller.

Seth Meyers
Darrell Hammond ... Bill Clinton
Michaela Watkins ... Arianna Huffington
Will Forte ... Zell Miller

Update: Arianna Huffington

Arianna drops by the Weekend Update desk.

Michaela's first starring bit. Pretty funny at the end and a great impression.

Update: Bill Clinton

President Clinton on Hillary's new appointment.

Hahahaha. They always find a reason to bring Bill Clinton back.

Blizzard Man

Summary: Ludacris dumps t-Pain so he can record his new album with the Blizzard Man (Andy Samberg).

Ludacris & T-Pain come face to face with the Master.

Recurring Characters: Blizzard Man.

Tim McGraw ... Ted Jerkaloff
Andy Samberg ... Blizzard Man
Kenan Thompson ... Technician

This would be our third Blizzard Man skit with Andy Samberg. The first was also with Ludacris. Ludacris liked this character so much that he and Andy did this bit for a fundraiser as well. How can this still be funny when Andy always does the same thing. Tim's character is pretty funny, a nice mix. I love the spaced out look!!! Andy's still got it!

Jeff Montgomery / Thanksgiving Dinner

Summary: Crazed Jeff Montgomery (Will Forte) invites himself to a group's Thanksgiving dinner.

Recurring Characters: Jeff Montgomery.

Tim McGraw ... Bob
Fred Armisen ... guest
Abby Elliott ... guest
Will Forte ... Jeff Montgomery
Bobby Moynihan ... guest
Kristen Wiig ... Kathy
Casey Wilson ... guest

Dale Britches' Down-Home Phony Phone Calls

Summary: Radio personality Dale Britches (Tim McGraw) advertises a CD collection of his show's hilarious collection of polite-natured on-air prank calls

Tim McGraw ... Dale Britches
Bill Hader ... cook
Darrell Hammond ... Jim Grady
Kristen Wiig ... Janet, waitress
Casey Wilson ... shop owner

Ludacris and T-Pain perform "Chopped & Screwed"


Uno's - Mark Payne

Summary: Bartender Mark Payne (Bobby Moynihan) is obsessed with how sticky the bar countertop is.

Recurring Characters: Mark Payne.

Bobby's pepper character is back to talk about the sticky bar!!!

Tim McGraw ... patron
Fred Armisen ... patron
Abby Elliott ... waitress
Bobby Moynihan ... Mark Payne
Kenan Thompson ... Dan

Rahm Emmanuel

Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, introduces himself...

Was this skit on SNL this week?



Overall: Was the Rahm Emmanuel skit on this week? Overall, a good showing for Andy Samberg, so they probably skipped a Digital Short. I notice that they often skip the Andy Samberg digital short when Andy's prominent in other skits (they can't make it the Andy show). So hopefully we'll get a solid digital short in the next episode. We want to see another music video, and none of this week Daquiri Girl or Rasta Man stuff. Make fun of a pop star, rap star, or pop/rap video!!!

It was great to see Blizzard Man back, and they made the skit nice and fresh. Andy's Rahm bit was hilarious. I hope to see him bring Rahm back in the future. It's good to see Andy do a political impression that could be a recurring character.



Anonymous said...

i really want to find the sticky bar skit!!!! Justina

Anonymous said...

Same, yo. It's like the only skit not on there and that s**t is just hilarious. It must be a comedy of errors.

Ed Price said...

Ah, Bobby Moynihan's Sticky Bar sketch. Have you seen his first one, the Pepper sketch? (It's the first Unos/Mark Payne sketch; this is the second.)

We've got that one on along with all the Bobby Moynihan videos. NBC hasn't released the Sticky Bar sketch.



Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the Sticky Bar sketch. Would love to see it again.

Greeneyedgurl said...

I can't find the Sticky Bar Sketch ANYWHERE! I've tried looking on basically any website, and all I've found was the transcripts to the show. :/

Anonymous said...

It's been months and the world is STILL waiting for the Sticky Bar sketch to be free!!! This is so wrong.

Ed Price said...


Agreed. It's also sad that Bobby tried his Mark Payne character twice more and those never made it.


Anonymous said...

Very disappointed that Sticky Bar is STILL not up ANYWHERE!! Way to go NBC. They've got the episode up on Netflix but there is no sound that goes with it. :( :(

Anonymous said...

As a waiter I really wanted Mark Payne to be a regular feature... I WANT STICKY BAR! said...

This won't truly have success, I think this way.

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