Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Featured Player Update - Vanessa gets laughs with the real Miley Cyrus

Show - The Miley Cyrus Show

Miley Cyrus ... Justin Bieber
Vanessa Bayer ... Miley Cyrus
Taran Killam ... Bebop
Jason Sudeikis ... Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley does her best Charlie Sheen impression and welcomes Justin Bieber to her show.

I don't know. It's hard to see Miley as a boy. Especially with makeup on. =^)

So the weird thing here is I guess Miley is supposed to be Justin and slipping into herself as Miley being frustrated with Vanessa's impression of Miley or slipping into saying "Pretty Cool" as if Miley actually says that (which she started to start say in real life after she saw Vanessa's impression). Hmmmm. It didn't work very well. I would have preferred it if Miley just tried to stick with a Justin Bieber impression.

So what do you do when a host (or guest) comes on when someone on the show is doing an impression of them? That question has come up a lot on SNL. For Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci, it meant Joe Pesci beating Jim Breur with a baseball bat (while Jim was playing Joe on his Joe Pesci Show).

For Dave Matthews, it meant Dave playing Ozzy Osbourne while Bill Hader played him on Andy Samberg's Mello Show (where Andy plays Jack Johnson). For Sarah Palin, it meant Tina Fey hears that Sarah's coming, and she runs away as Sarah walks up. For Hilary Clinton, it means that Amy Poehler is doing her Hilary Clinton impression in front of Hilary Clinton as they talk candidly about Hilary (definitely the most entertaining).

Overall, this was a good episode of the Miley Cyrus Show, which was starting to get a little old, mostly because they've done it four times this season now (that's crazy). I think Vanessa knows it's the best thing she's got, and it's a fast way to get accepted by the audience. So it's actually pretty smart of her to do it as much as she can, but she needs to be consistently funny in other roles too.

Show - Our Time!

Miley Cyrus ... Fergie
Abby Elliott ... Khloé Kardashian
Jay Pharoah ...
Jay Pharoah ... announcer (voice)
Andy Samberg ... Taboo
Kenan Thompson ...

You've seen those other two guys from the Black Eyed Peas, and now they have their own show.

Hahahaha. These are new impressions. Kenan's first time as, but Finesse Mitchell did him once. Andy's first time as Taboo, but Jon Heder played him once on SNL. Jay Pharoah's first time as, but Kenan played him once. And Amy Poehler played Fergie last time (it was on 10/8/05).

Abby has done Khloe 4 times now, but this is the first time without her sisters. I think Abby can definitely hold her own without the Kardashian sisters.

I didn't find Jay's dancing particularly funny.
At one point, Jay said something random and the audience laughed. He should have said something random each time before he left.


1. Vanessa Bayer - Vanessa takes the Featured Player cake, with her Miley Cyrus impression (yet again). Having the real Miley Cyrus helps, of course. Vanessa also supported in three other skits.

2. Taran Killam - Taran Killam was in seven skits, but none were terribly amazing. He just had a few funny moments. However, he played Francois for the second time (they need to make that into a video clip).

3. Paul Brittain - Paul was in four skits. His piano player on the cruise ship had an amusing joke. He also got to play Marius in the French skit (for the second time).

4. Jay Pharoah - Jay was only in one skit, playing the voice and in Our Time. His dancing and looks weren't overly funny. He made the audience laugh once, though.

5. . Nasim Pedrad - Nasim supported in four skits, including playing the Witch in Beastly.



Victoria! said...

Andy has joined the cast of a film called "the Hand Job"....its written by Bill Haders wife Maggie. he will act alongside Aubrey Plaza!
dont have a link sorry!!

Freya said...

The SNL Promos this week are HILARIOUS!!!

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