Sunday, June 21, 2009

Andy Samberg - Will he host the MTV Movie Awards every year? (full interview)

Alright, so apparently the quote from Andy Samberg, "Twilight makes me j**z," which we reported on yesterday, was put on, meaning that an interviewer asked Andy to say that. Andy's still a fan of twilight though. Observe...

Plus we get gems in here like the producer of the MTV Movie Awards wanting Andy Samberg to come back and host again (as the permanent host).



Andy Samberg: "Twilight Makes Me J***"

Will we see your "**** in a Box" on the show? How about some "J***"?
I swear to you: It's still up in the air.

Your "**** in a Box" is still up in the air?
My **** is off my body, it's in a box, and that box is floating in space.

I have to tell you that my dream headline for this story is: "Andy Samberg: 'Twilight Makes Me J***!' "
Do you want me to say that?

Twilight makes me j**z, man. But will you include that you asked me to say that?

Yeah—I forced Andy Samberg to j**z. OK, how many times have you seen Twilight?
I've seen Twilight once. But I've seen scenes from Twilight many times in my dreams. You know what I mean? In a lot of ways I see Twilight constantly every day, because once you see it, it stays with you forever.

When I reported that the Movie Awards will include a first look at New Moon, fans went crazy. People are insane about it.
They love playing baseball! What's not to love? If you told me that we were going to make this movie about vampires that are really, really good at baseball, I would say, "Sign me on!"

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Edward all the way.

Why is that?
He's steamy!

See, I didn't ask you to say that!
I never root for the underdog. I always root for the crowd favorite. Big Yankees fan, big Manchester United fan.

I hear you're a big Susan Boyle fan, too.
Oh, yeah! I love Susan Boyle. I came home pretty intoxicated one night and discovered the "I Dreamed a Dream" clip and watched it like seven times in a row and just bawled. Which I think is probably more indicative to the fact that I'm a little stressed out and I'm not acknowledging it.

Or maybe it was just because you were drunk.
I don't generally just cry when I'm drunk; I get drunk and have fun. But it was a joyful cry. It wasn't like upset. For some reason, the combination of her voice and that song and the super over-the-top editing of that show really, really struck a chord with me.

A while ago I was telling folks at MTV that you have to get Susan for the Movie Awards.
Yeah, we tried. I wanted her here. But you know, they've got a pretty strict contract over there.

P. Diddy, who hosted the Video Music Awards in 2005, recently advised you to get drunk for the show. Will you?
I don't want it to mess with the 'shrooms, so I might just stay with one thing.

Mark Burnett [producer of the Movie Awards] just told me he's hoping you will become the permanent host of the show. He said he has always wanted that and you're the guy.
We'll see what happens. I don't ever like to put too much on any one thing, because I'm a great believer in jinxing things.

You must have dreams of hosting the Oscars one day, no?
I don't. I don't expect or believe that my career will ever get to the point where I am a person that's in a position of hosting the Oscars. To be honest, I kind of feel like I fall too lowbrow.

It's possible. I mean, you did win an Emmy for "**** in a Box."
Yeah, you're right. I never thought I'd be hosting the Movie Awards either, so who knows?

I was reading some clips about you in USA Today and they referred to it as "Gift in a Box."
You can just say "D in a Box." What's wrong with "D in a Box"?

Why can't people just say ****?
I ask people that every day: Why don't you just say ****? Not even in reference to the song. Just say ****.



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