Thursday, June 11, 2009

Andy Samberg - The Japanese Honda Comercial!!!

Updated: Kate found the Honda commercial!!! We added it below. Originally posted 10/11/07.

Thanks for the find, Kate! Kate's bio:


Does anybody remember when Andy Samberg was talking about his Japanese Honda commercial?

He talked about it on David Letterman back in 2005:

Here's the Honda commercial:

Here's the car:

In the middle of this webpage you'll see an ad for the Edix 3x2 model, a 6 passenger car. Andy is in the back row on the left.

And below is the offical(ly boring) page about the CM, but there is only Japanese text. :(

The title of the ad is 仲間 or "friends" and it aired in July of 2004.

Thanks T-Mac (Taylor)! You rock!

So we know now that it's not this one...

"Japanese commercial for the 5th generation Honda Civic. The "Sports Civic" with VTEC Engine Formation!"

This guy does look like a gay Iranian raver though.



nervanianskive said...

woot woot thats me!

Anonymous said...

thats not Andys commercial or Andy.
In his japanese commercial they played lets groove tonight.

Ed Price said...

Do you have more proof? The music is added in with the post edit. They played "Let's Groove Tonight" just to get them to dance. Watch the interview again. It doesn't say that's what the commercial is.

He's wearing the sunglasses and bandana that he describes. Plus he's got the Andy clef in his chin.

I think the biggest issues are that they're not dancing and he's not wearing the blue mesh shirt (under the yellow one, maybe?). Of course, I'm sure there was a ton of footage here that got cut.

So there may be another Honda commercial out there with more of Andy. Or if anyone has any actual proof that this isn't Andy, send it in! Thanks!


nervanianskive said...

whoa, you're pro!

Anonymous said...

Andy described them as wrap-around sunglasses, and those are definitely not wrap-around sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is totally not the commercial. There was supposed to be 5 people all in one car,(dancing) the sunglasses are supposed to be blue, and as much as im trying to see andy in that guys face, it just isnt andy. BUT I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!! We have to find it!

tmac said...

well I've gotten as close as I can get to seeing this commercial so I thought I'd share my findings.

in the middle of this webpage you'll see an ad for the Edix 3x2 model, a 6 passenger car. Andy is in the back row on the left.

that other video is bogus

tmac said...

one small update, this is the offical(ly boring) page about the CM but there is no video :(

The title of the ad is 仲間 or "friends" and it aired in July of 2004.

Suzette Matadamas said...

Please check on this:

XXX from Mexico :)

Kate said...

I think i found the commercial

The Lonely Island fan said...

That's hilarious! I know people always start somewhere. That's pretty funny. Went from "that one goofy guy in the back seat of that Honda commercial" to host of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards!

Anonymous said...

are u people stupid?? that is so andy! he has the nose, the chin and the hair. and theres no way to tell whether the glasses are rap around or not. Plus he has the blue hoodie and if you click the link you see the orange cargo pants.

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