Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Andy Samberg pops up in Jamie's life

Here's a fun article that's enjoyable as you get going into her story.

Andy Samberg's Mission That He Didn't Know About

By Jamie Frevele

I wouldn't have bothered to write about this if it hadn't occurred about seven or eight times, but it did. He has no idea, but Andy Samberg has been on a campaign to brighten my day since February.

This sounds insane, I know. And considering how I have made no secret of how swell I think he is in past blogs, it's also maybe a little - no, it's totally weird. I've never met Mr. Samberg. He has no idea who I am. But since February, every single time I have an exceptionally awful day, he shows up in a magazine. Yes, his sketches and my copy of Incredibad are at my disposal whenever I'm craving some 'berg, but these wackass appearances are exclusively magazines.

Obviously, since he was announced as the host of this year's MTV Movie Awards it's no surprise that lately, he has a fair amount of interviews and press. But I swear, every single time I have a really, really terrible day - as in a "Do I curl up on the couch and make a bottle of wine disappear or find someone to physically harm?" kind of day - I come home, open a new magazine, and there he is. He's not boning Kate Gosselin. He's neither Brad Pitt nor Angelina Jolie. He's hardly ever in these things. But when I come home in a bad mood, there he is.

What I'm pretty sure kicked this off was when I spent an afternoon with a friend shooting a terrible, horrible sketch. Even worse, it was my idea. I was feeling really bad about wasting my friends' time and feeling like I failed at something I really wanted to pull off. When we wrapped, my friend forced me to watch "Hot Rod," the 2007 movie that starred Samberg that I initially refused to see and later ended up comparing to "The Wrestler." (By the way, I'm still pretty proud of that article.) I ended up loving that movie and digging Samberg even more than I did before. So that was the first time Andy Samberg made my day better. (Even more adorable - it was Valentine's Day.)

The second time was in mid-April. For two days in a row, I was stuck in Manhattan traffic for what I swear had to be like a million hours. The kind of traffic where you would strike an old woman if it meant moving another inch. The kind of traffic where you seriously wondered if you were either going backwards or stuck there until the end of time. Two days of this. One of those days I had an audition, for which I ran late and kept pushing back the time, which made me look just awesome. I finally got to the neighborhood and parked my car. No signs about not being able to park there. I was gone for 15 minutes. And I came back to a parking ticket. (Curse you, parking meter. Though I ended up getting the part.) Wow, what a great day. I get home and guess who's in People magazine, talking about lending sugar to Obama? Andy Samberg. It was cute.

But then it kept happening. It happened again, then it happened again. Three times seemed weird. But I wouldn't be surprised if this has happened half a dozen times now, at least. And always magazines. It's been like a real life hybrid version of two Digital Shorts: "The Mirror" and "Andy Pops Into Frame."

The real weirdness happened this past weekend, a trifecta of Andy Samberg popping up like a ray of sunshine. (Which is kind of accurate since he always wears yellow shirts.)

I recently started producing my own comedy sketches. No real reason for the timing, just seemed like the right time to start getting this going after years of talking about it. But this kind of thing invites stress. And it just so happens that the most stressful weekend ever was the weekend before Samberg's hosting gig. The first appearance of the trifecta happened due to sketch-unrelated things I'll get into later. But the second one happened Saturday morning. I got home last Friday night late and saw two mags on the couch, People and Entertainment Weekly. I thought "Of course he's going to be in both of these." If he was, the streak was broken. I'd had a good day. I leafed through People - no Samberg. EW I had to leave for later because like an old fart, I actually sit down and read that particular piece of print media.

I was scheduled to shoot with a camera operator and three other actors at 1:00 the next day. That morning, said camera operator texted me, saying he suddenly came down with a case of "emergency morning rap video" and wanted to know if we could push the shoot back or reschedule. When I asked him how far back we'd have to push it, he never got back to me. I ended up canceling the shoot. This was really fun for me because the same camera guy said for a week that he needed the shoot to be earlier. So McG just assumed I'd know he'd have something else going on. I'm kidding, this guy was not McG. All this = bad morning. I come downstairs and see the EW. No way. No. Way. I leafed through that one - BOOM. Full page of Samberg.

Oh, no. It gets better.

I end up asking not-McG to just mail me the more than three hours worth of footage we'd shot the previous weekend and that I couldn't work with him if I couldn't rely on him. Wednesday morning, I get an email from him: "Reshoot your stuff." He blamed me for inconveniencing him, too. For canceling the first shoot. Because of rain. I should also mention that I had a guy like a brother to me in the hospital for a cardiac procedure, so that was also fun for absolutely no one.

So then, this happened: My friend had emailed me around the same time as not-McG with a link. "I don't know if you're having a bad day, but I found this." Another magazine appearance. Seriously. It was like some sort of force in the ether said "Jamie is having a seriously shitty day, there are no magazines scheduled to arrive today, and she needs a Samberg Appearance more than ever! Someone send a link! Here! Go!"

So now, we're upon the weekend of Andy's hosting gig. I'm very, very psyched for him. He's worked his ass off to get where he is, he's getting well-deserved recognition, he never fails to make me laugh...but I'm a little afraid that if he has a really great day, I'm going to have kind of an awful one.

Here's the first appearance of the trifecta. I have a biopsy scheduled for Saturday for what I'd thought was just a new freckle on my palm. The day Andy appeared in a magazine was the day I found out that the only thing mentioning freckles on palms was melanoma. Skin cancer.

Um, so, great! Andy, break a leg. No, really, break it. In eight places. I hope you fucking blow it on Sunday. Hard. I hope you suck drug fiend balls. Because that probably means I will not have skin cancer.

OR - instead of one of us having a great day and the other one having a terrible one, maybe we should just take it all out on someone else? I don't want skin cancer, and I don't want you to actually break your leg. How about we both just kick someone's ass? Like actually find other people and kick them in their asses? Not hard, just enough to cause a shove. Let's just make sure we both have a good day. A kickass day, if you will.

This odd string of appearances has been really fun, Andy. You seem to come through like my knight in shining armor when I need one the most, even if it's because of the strangest, most random happenstance. Host the awards knowing you make lots of people happy when they might not start out that way. Especially me. Thanks, Andy.

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards air(ed) Sunday, May 31 at 9:00 PM on MTV, which is now actually pronounced "Meh-TV."




Anonymous said...

Wow, can you say "crazy stalker chick?" Jesus christ, woman. Get a life.

The Lonely Island fan said...

Wow that's quite a story! I would have to say though that Samberg is getting a lot more famous now, so it's not like the chances of seeing him in a magazine are all that rare now, hehe... I mean it would be as amazing to find as Obama in the newspaper. Samberg is much more out there now! He's gonna get more and more exposure.

Anonymous said...

Anony #1- Quit hating- that person is just having fun and sharing a series of coincidences and how someone has touched her life and made crappy days sunnier. that's all. lighten up and don't take those things so seriously or keep it to yourself.

karmap0lice said...

Hahaha! This post totally reminds me of that old Jesus footprints poem. Andy's good luck isn't bringing you down, he's just carrying you when you need it most. Yep... just compared Andy to Jesus. Whattaya think of that Anonymous 1? Haha... oh man.

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