Monday, June 15, 2009

Nick and Eddie talk about Andy Samberg

Radio show / podcast:

Episode 13: Swords for 100, Alex



Kate said...

Well these guys are sort of right, when they said Andy could do pretty much anything and people would love it. But obviously I don't agree with everything they said. One guy said he didn't like the "We like sportz" and "Just 2 Guys" Like how could you hate those. So I didn't really like what these guys said, but of course I am biased when it comes to the Dudes. Oh well.

And also they said "I'm on a boat" parodies rap and that they are trying to make fun of that genre and just how dumb it is, which is so not true. They are making a homage to it, just using comedy to do so.

Well I guess that is my sort of rant for the day.

karmap0lice said...

Kate - I completely agree. This was a boring podcast anyway. And yes... Andy Samberg could take a dump and put it on youtube and I would think it was the funniest thing ever. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? And NEVER trust the comedic opinion of someone who doesn't like the Just 2 Guyz songs. And the dudes love rap. Really, I'm just repeating everything you just said. But, I'm with you. In conclusion: Podcast = lame and uneducated.
P.S. Hockey rules! Who does a Sports Podcast and whines about hockey? Nick and Eddie can go fly a kite.

Ed Price said...

I agree with both of you. I honestly think though that the dudes are getting the hang of it. Look at the digital shorts this season. The only ones that weren't amazing were the ones Andy wasn't in (and that the dudes didn't write). Okay that one where Will Forte was singing was a little lame, but that was obviously Will Forte's idea, not the dudes.

They didn't have one song that wasn't fantastic, and they had more songs than ever, including three major hits: J*** in my Pants, I'm on a Boat, and Mother Lover.

So the likelyhood that they will just "take a dump" is lower now than ever. Plus if they end up doing the music this summer for another album next spring, then we're likely to get another season of hit songs!

They're only getting better! Pretty soon, they should just leave and start their own show. I imagine they'd get Justin on every month or so. =^)


The Lonely Island fan said...

I agree. They are just REALLY funny people. They let their material be funny and they perform it well without TRYING to be funny. I can't stand people who think they are so damn funny and that when the camera is on they think they're gold. That's what makes so many people's parodies or take offs on others' work be reduced to such an epic fail. Andy, Jorma and Kiv have a balance. They are way out there, but seriously the material stands on its own. I just love what they do and even if it's not Andy on screen they can still make a funny digital short.

I should listen to this podcast and see what the rants are over. I imagine I won't like it and then have to report it on my blog! haha!

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