Saturday, November 13, 2010

Andy Samberg in the SNL Digital Short - What Was that?

The winners of a Model UN competition address the General Assembly with Arcade Fire.

Hmmm. This is an interesting short here with Arcade Fire. Not all that funny. My guess is that it got cut after Dress Rehearsal, and so they immediately put it on the net. One way to find out if it makes the show tonight.

What did you think?



Anonymous said...

"what was that?" is a good title for the whole episode. not funny at all. the only kind of funny skit i thought was the one with denzel washington and chris pine. other than that just a bad episode.

Anonymous said...

i completely agree with anony1!
what the hell... it's getting worse week to week. what kind of writers did they hire this season? i'm starting to really dislike snl.
at least there's jay to keep my mood up

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Andy effectively used humor as a rhetorical tool to send a powerful political message. Like "Iran So Far," this short wasn't laugh out loud funny. The United Nations is a wonderful organization that has greatly advanced the field of human rights. But the fact still remains that the international community is largely powerless to stop egregious human rights violations. The interests of one sovereign state, especially a powerful state, can derail an operation (e.g. China's refusal to deploy peacekeepers to Darfur because Sudan gave China oil discounts). During those breakdowns, the U.N. becomes nothing more than a self-congratulatory organization.

I love Andy most when he moves beyond vapid, bathroom-based humor that so many other comedians rely upon.

Anne said...

I think that this is by far the best digital short so far this season. I thought it was more so about making a point than being funny though, but it was still good. Although I agree with anony 1 & 2, the show as a whole is just not that funny this season. I thought that the episode with Jayne Lynch was the best so far this season & it was nowhere near superb, at least in comparison with other seasons.

Connie said...

The reason this short wasn't great is that Andy already did this idea (but way more subtle) with The Lonely Island as the song Everybody Dance. Well, more or less. "Global warming: hot and sexy! Poverty: exotic things!" Way funnier and an awesome song to boot.

Also, Arcade Fire suck.

Anonymous said...

I want to watch a digi shorts that are funny and enjoyable and not ones that are trying to make a point.

SNL is getting worse and worse by the episode! What happened?! it started off so great!

Arcade fire DO suck

Anonymous said...

arcade fire is a great band
one of the best in the last decade

Anonymous said...

No love for this skit? What is that? When he told the UN to "hit the showers" I nearly peed myself. Come on guys. This skit and the Blizzard Man spot stole the show for me.

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