Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Andy Samberg on the Manuel Ortiz Show (SNL)

Manuel tries to get to the bottom of some infidelity among friends and settles it with a paternity test.

Andy's got the best dancing here, followed closely by Taran. Wiig works over the crowd well with a slow and then fast dance. I think the gag of slowing and speeding up the music is what saved this and made it different enough than the last version.

What's interesting is that Fred has had three different styles of Spanish shows that he has made fun of over the years.

Did you think this was funny?



Anonymous said...

how can this sketch still exist?

bad bad bad....

there's one ray of light on the snl skyline... jay! he's the next will ferrell and they should start using him in lead roles quickly if they wanna save the show. (what a great kanye impression)

also nasim didn't really bring any good character this season yet... remember when she startet off with mahmud's wife? HIIILARIOUS! all that political stuff is starting to bore me.

Ed Price said...

Good insight, Anony!

Jay is the next Will Ferrell or Eddie Murphy. He is blowing the audience away with his impressions (Kanye, Nick Cannon in this episode was also genius, Denzel Washington was done a second time in this episode in a different way, Eddie Murphy, and Will Smith on Weekend Update in his first episode). Jay needs to continue to strike every other episode like he is, but he also needs to try out a character or two in between his impresions (Will Ferrell had his George Bush and Alex Trebek, but it was his characters that made him famous). Jay also did Chris Tucker on SNL once, but I missed that, and he's obviously poised to take over Obama from Fred, since he does a great Obama impression (next season is my guess).

Nasim does need to strike some more this season and not just coast from her successes last season, but I feel like she's making a little progress already. 1st, she tried out Henry on episode 2 (Bryan Cranston) of this season (which I think flopped). 2nd, she did a great Gloria Allred during episode 3 (Jane Lynch). 3rd, on episode 4 (Emma Stone), she did her great Barbara Walters on The View and then blew me away as Morgan with her team up with Andy Samberg in "My Brother Knows Everything." In the last two episodes, she has mostly been stagnant (in this past episode 5 she followed up her hilarious Chinese translator from last season with a stangnant reincarnation). So yeah, I don't think she's been doing nothing this season (especially with the new and great Gloria Allred and My Brother Knows Best), but she defintely has a ways to go before she can match what she gave us last season (Mahmud's wife, Kim Kardashian multiple times, 2 Bedelia skits, the Chinese translator, and the girlfriend sketch with Andy and Taylor Swift).


Anonymous said...

i thought kristen looked pregnant in this skit!!

Anonymous said...

I really doubt it!!! she probably got fat.

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