Thursday, October 15, 2009

SNL Promo - Gerard Butler and Will Forte

Gerard Butler is hosting this week with Shakira!!!

Here's Gerard's promo with Will Forte:

Will was on Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night (cameo'd on the Andy Samberg episode). Will is pretty funny in these promos as well. Cudos to Will! I especially loved his "fan of questions" joke.

So will there be a 300 spoof this week? That's what I want to know!

Can't wait to see what Andy Samberg will do! I've got to say, though, they need to stop letting Fred Armisen write the digital shorts. Last week's short would have made a better skit, and it was a waste to not have a short written by Andy and TLI.

Anyway, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I hope during the opening they make a joke using the continual mispronunciation of Gerard's name. JIC, it's Ger(as in Gerry)ard, it's almost always pronounced Ge-Rard- which he has interviewed continually as hating and why he usually asks to be called Gerry. Personally, I think it would suck to always have people who are supposed to know at this point, like reporters, news, entertainment sources, etc., the ones who are really supposed to know, keep making this error. BUT, I do think it would be hilarious to make fun of this, I think he would enjoy it with his good sense of humor and also enjoy giving the "subtle" hint/nudge to the E!'s of the world.

Ed Price said...


Good point! Did you see the Jimmy Fallon videos we posted from the Tuesday show?

Andy Samberg and Jimmy joke around about Gerard's name and call him "G-Butts." Pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

I did! Thanks for posting them!They are so funny together and I truly think Gerard and his alter-ego Gerry, will love that one and possibly make a switch. ;)

Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Hopes tonight episode will be awesome and so will the Digital Short! Will Forte is funny and I agree I love "the fan of questions" part as well. A 300 parody would be hilarious. Love G-Butz, his new movie ''Law Abiding Citizen'' with Jamie Foxx seems great. Jamie Foxx should host SNL one of these days. =D

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