Friday, October 16, 2009

Andy Samberg - and National Bosses Day?

For starters, here's a snarky and bitter explanation...

There are a lot of ridiculous fake holidays, from the highly publicized Talk Like a Pirate Day to National Be Late For Something Day (September 5th…or in my case, every day). But according to Reuters, [today] is National Boss Day, and that just kinda ruffles my subordinate feathers. The news outlet calls it “a time for employees to thank their bosses for the job they do, and also to realize the daily pressures bosses face.”

I mean, isn’t every day National Boss Day? Your boss tells you to do something ridiculous, you do it, and then he or she changes their mind about what was wanted in the first place. You toil away, doing the dirty work with little or no recognition all year long, and then you’re supposed to take a day in October and say thanks to your overlord? I think not.

Maybe there are some people out there who really love their bosses and find this kind of holiday appropriate – let me know. Reuters also says that “individuals often fail to think about the challenges of being the boss,” especially during tough economic times. Well, I doubt the boss is the one getting laid off.

So go ahead, celebrate National Boss Day. I suggest sending a passive-aggressive e-card from, or the gift of firsthand knowledge. See if your boss can handle using the fax or copy machine all by himself.


National Bosses Day is back, and this year we’re changing things up. Instead of thanking your boss for being the leader of your company, we ask that all subordinates rise up and act “Like a Boss” themselves.

As Andy Samberg so eloquently put it, “talk to corporate, like a boss” and you might see some growth in you situation. It will be more than worth it, and who knows, you may get your own bathroom.

At the end of the day, everyone’s a boss in their own right, you just have to act like one. I definitely suggest studying the above video and familiarizing yourself with acting, “Like a Boss.”




Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Entertaining and interesting post. Agree the idea is silly and why would you really kiss up, celebrate, embrace, etc, your Boss when they order around in a sometimes annoying and tiring manner. I loved the fact you put a pic of Michael Scott from one of my all-time favorite shows The Office. This inspired me at the end to become ''Like A Boss!'' and that one day I will mirco manage and promote synergy!

Anonymous said...


Ed Price said...

I agree. You're pretty funny, Tisha.

Who doesn't want to be like a boss?

I can't believe Andy couldn't get Deborah though... and had to crap on her desk. =^)


Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Wow, thanks for the compliment Anony and TAE!! I know something is wrong with that Deborah, Andy is too good for her! =D

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