Friday, October 16, 2009

Taylor Swift is hosting Saturday Night Live

So this is an obvious choice, and we called it early this year that she should host SNL and be in an Andy Samberg digital short...

Bring on the Kanye West skits...Taylor Swift is hosting Saturday Night Live. The country superstar and American Music Award nominee will do double duty as host and musical performer for the long-running late night comedy sketch comedy series that airs November 7.

"There are definitely some hilarious things that have happened to me over the past couple of months that I think will be pretty substantial skits," Swift said. The singer also hints of a possible digital short with SNL's Andy Samberg, who's worked on popular viral videos with Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, and the Jonas Brothers.

"I've gone back and re-watched everything over the past couple of months and digital shorts would be so much fun to do, because they've done so well. Andy Samberg is hilarious."

Swift received the most nominations (six) at the 2009 American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year. The fan-voted AMAs airs November 22 on ABC.



This is interesting because here Taylor says that she'd be up for doing a VMA awards skit (that's like handing bullets to the SNL writers) and that she'd love to do a digital short with Andy Samberg (similar to what Megan Fox said).

So this is cool because it pretty much gaurantees an Andy Samberg digital short that week, and not something like the Drew Barrymore and Fred Armisen flop from last week. (Great concept, but it had no legs; it was too repetitive.)

(While I think Fred is funny, I would prefer it if they stopped letting him write and star in digital shorts. If he wants to be in digital shorts, I think he should collaborate with Andy instead. Sort of like their Party Guys one, but they could do better than that.)

Of course, Andy has been intwangled (new word) with Taylor Swift for quite some time.

She appeared on SNL as the musical act and pretty much told Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig that they are her comedy idols and that she and her friends quote them constantly. Check out the video and info on that here:

That episode aired on January 10, 2009. Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie) was the host. In the episode, Taylor played "Annie" in the Broadway skit (Andy was part of the Blue Man Group in that skit).

She even put a photo of her with Andy and Kristen up on her Facebook page:

And she mentioned the event as one of her top 3 career moments:

At the MTV Movie Awards, she was in the opening video and asked Andy out as part of a joke:

And then when Taylor hosted the Country Music Awards, she follows in Andy's MTV Movie Awards footsteps by appearing in (edited into) the Star Trek film:

And she also tapped T-Payne to be in a rap spoof with her (similar to "I'm On a Boat"):

And then Andy (and Jimmy Fallon) gave a VMA award to Beyonce, where Beyonce then gave Taylor her moment. Check that out in the videos and info here:

And then here's the aftermath after Kanye upstaged Taylor:

And then earlier this week, when Andy Samberg was on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," he and Jimmy relived the VMAs, and Andy jokingly took credit for telling Beyonce to give Taylor Swift her moment. Check out the videos and info of that here:

Wow! So the "Andy and Taylor adventure" has had a few twists and turns! The next step is Taylor hosting SNL (a great move for everybody, and not unexpected, in my opinion), and a chance for us to get Taylor and Andy in a digital short together. Let's hope it's a song!!!

Thanks to Courtney for the scoop!



Anonymous said...

TS: "I'm so glad to be here tonight hosting my first night at SNL!...blahblah...every girl's dream..." and slowly cast, as audience interrupt her aka Kayne style. That or a seasoned host (or they pass the duty off to a seasoned host) like Alec Bladwin steps out to pretend to take her moment. That would be so funny, but I guess maybe too predicatable? Haha. I guess we will see soon! I would love if they had her rapping Portman style for a Short, I wonder if her voice is too slow to rap? Natalie's was surprisingly perfect, like could be her career perfect.

Ed Price said...


You're probably right. Doing it in the monologue would probably be the funniest and easiest way to do it without directly lampooning Kanye. So that's probably how it's going to go down.

Taylor redid one of her songs as a rap song with T-Payne for the Country Music Awards. She did alright rapping. Natalie was a little better because she had intense angry rap. We'll see. =^)

Yeah, Natalie should follow it up somehow. Thanks!


Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Im sure this episode is going to be awesome, Tay Swift is pretty great and her doing double duty as host and musical guest will be interesting, as I don't believe it has never been done before, she'll probably put it off anyway :). That is a great idea you have there Anony, someone from the cast or random celeb cameo can come up while she is doing her monologue interrupt just Kanye, genius! It won't be harsh making fun of the incident like TAE said. I agree again I love to see Tay and Andy do a digital short that involves singing too, like you mentioned Natalie Portman rapping or maybe she can sing a hilarious country song (thats her genre) with Andy like ''Best Look In The World'' with Shia LaBeouf only no nudity. =D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tisha and TAE:)- actually I think your "Bast Look in the World" idea would be hilarious! Even sans pants (they can give her shorties, so it would be appropriate)- she would be so funny in something like that and her free spirit and anything goes genuine atttitude would pull it off. It would kind of remind me when Nicole Kidman hosted and performed, then hubby, Tom Cruise's infamous scene (ack- forgot the name- Risky Business?) where he dances with his shirt, work socks and tighty whities only. She was really funny doing this- Taylor could pull it off even more! Great idea girl!

Anonymous said...

If they did the interruption thing, Steve Martin could pull this off brilliantly, too. He is always funny, but particularly so when he "coached" Tina Fey during her hosting monologue. That could be funny if he (or someone) coached her on how she should respond next time, with completely silly over the top answers. Alec Baldwin could also do this and appropriately make fun of himself and his "take no prisoners persona", too. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

I meant to post this with the other, my first one. Maybe she could do a Kanye- style music short, if not the rap. If they could get Kanye to cameo in it (which would be a really good move on his part to make fun of himself, show some humility), that could be classic and full of viral buzz. I think Taylor has such a great personality, she'd be willing to do anything.

Ed Price said...


Yeah, I think Kanye would be up for making fun of himself. He's done it before on SNL. This is like his third time saying inappropriate things at a show. After the first time, he was at an event with Mike Meyers, and when he was a musical guest in 05 he made fun of himself with Mike Meyers in a backstage bit.

So I know he'd be up for it. Someone just has to ask him. Because he doesn't think of these things on his own. It's like he apologized to Taylor on his blog and then on Letterman. But he never thought of calling her up or asking her to lunch to aplogize to her face (which is what the View ladies were chastising him for). So I don't think it's that he doesn't care. It's just that he doesn't think of these things himself.


Taylor is not the first to pull double duty. Britney Spears did it in 00 and 02, Jennifer Lopez did it in 01, and Justin Timberlake did it in 03 and 06. She is the first country star to pull double duty. =^)

I think her hosting the CMT, being in Andy's MTV Movie Awards sketch, and being in an SNL sketch when she was the musical guest in Jan 09... proved she has the chops to pull double duty.


Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

Thanks TAE, I didn't know that! I sadly didn't see those episodes, that was around the time when I really didn't watch SNL regularly like I do now and I was really little then too. Yeah, your right with all the things that you stated shes done, Taylor definately deserved to do double duty. No thank you Anony 2! I agree and you have a wonderful idea there yourself! And to Anony 4, thats a great idea and perfect way for Kanye to redeem himself by making fun of himself! =D

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