Friday, October 02, 2009

SNL Weekend Update Thursday, 10/1/09

Is this the last episode? They only managed 3 episodes last season, and this is the 3rd episode this season.

Unfortunately, there is no Andy in this episode, but we did get him twice in last week's WU Thursday! I'm hoping he's hard at work on a sweet digital short with Ryan Reynolds. =^)

So they decided to skip the cold open sketch and just include more impressions on the Weekend Update desk instead.

Makes sense, because "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" was getting a little weird. =^)

It could just be that they had more impressions lined up and no good skit idea to lead with. Plus Seth was Amy-less this week, so it makes sense to break up his WU shtick with more impressions. Darrell Hammond guest appears... this time as Dennis Franz. We also get a guest appearance by Maya Rudolph!

Here's the full episode:

Seth starts it off with the Top Stories:

Next are Fred Armisen and Kenan Thompson cross-dressing it out as the ladies of The View:

I've got to admit, Kenan nails this Woopi Goldberg impression. He could probably work on the voice a little more, but he does a good job making it entertaining, and of course Fred nails Joy mercilessly. Now if only he was willing to actually poke fun of Obama the way he does Joy and Governor Patterson... N-E-way...

Next Jason Sudeikis came out and played Captain Roger Baines, who thinks Captain Sully is for the birds:

Jason does a great job being a little bitter that his friend failed at his job and got the glory. Great job writing this one, guys!

Next up is Kristen Wiig ripping out her hilarious Suzie Orman impression:

The Lincoln Memorial steps joke was hilarious!

And finally are Dennis Franz and John Malkovich:

So Bill Hader's voice is pitch perfect, but they should pad him up to look more like Malkovich. Hader's too skinny for that one.

Bill Hader is so funny in this one! Guest appearances by Darrell Hammond and Maya Rudolph as Oprah Winfrey!

You'll need to watch the full episodes to get the bits at the end. (Full episode's at the top.) Will and Fred did their Hall and Oates (thanks Kate), but it was removed from the Internet version of the show. They must have stepped on song copyrights or something. Makes sense, but they've showed their sketches online several times in the past.

Can't wait for this week's SNL episode with Ryan Reynolds! (I hope Andy Samberg and TLI can pump out a better digital short this week.) Also, I bet Will and Fred will get their skit in on Saturday on Weekend Update. We'll see!



Kate said...

Will and Fred didn't have anything cut I don't think, they did their Hall and Oates deal. And it was hilarious.

Ed Price said...

Thanks Kate! Updated!


Anonymous said...

i dont know if you guys know this or not but andy is supposed to be on a kiddie show called yo gabba gabba on nick jr. with MGMT on october 13. the episode is called "art". just a heads up.

Ed Price said...

Thanks Anony! He's been on it before. We posted the vid here (you can search for it). That would be cool if he does it again! We'll keep our eyes out for it! Thanks!


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