Thursday, October 01, 2009

SNL, 9/26/09 - Megan Fox & U2

Update: Added the full episode, the Megan Fox promo video (3 versions), Live Lounge video, and Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox. Originally posted 9/27/09.

NEWS: Darrell Hammond was not in this episode and is not in the credits. We're 90% sure that he is off the show (if it smells, looks, and tastes like a taco, then it's a taco). He is being billed as a "special guest" in the SNL WU Thursdays. That means that he is off the show and negotiated regular appearances of his impressions (at least for SNL WU Thursdays; hopefully for SNL as well).

Also, the Jenny Slate curse flub could actually get her canned. 3rd time it ever happened. 1st time got Charles Rocket canned. 2nd time was Cheri Oteri, who quickly apologized to all the execs and went on air and put a dollar in the swear jar to publically (and humorously) apologize. It worked and she got overlooked. More on that later. We added the video clips below.


The digital short wasn't all that funny (nudity jokes). For the SNL premiere, I'd have hoped TLI would have spent the summer thinking up a better digital short for Megan.

However, it seems that the cast had some great ideas of how to contrast their weird characters with Megan Fox. Will Forte did that in The Date, Kenan with his Grady character, and Fred Armisen nailed it in Mail Order Bride. Kristen Wiig and Kenan Thompson also got to bust out 2 of their characters each.

Brian Austin Green made an appearance, but he could have been used better.

Promo with Megan and Andy

This international video version might be temporary (leave a comment if it's gone):

More permanent (but mostly just US) versions:

Cold Open: UN Address

Libyan President Muammar Qadhafi explains himself.

Fred Armisen ... Muammer Kaddafi
Bill Hader ... translator (voice)

Megan Fox Monologue

Megan Fox comments on the obviously fake online nude photos of herself that she was unaware she had posed for.

Megan Fox - Herself
Bobby Moynihan - Audience Member

Megan plays it cute by assuming the pics are real "because they're on the Internet."

Commercial: Bladdivan

Summary: The pill that helps men combat Shy Bladder Syndrome.

Fred Armisen ... coworker
Will Forte ... coworker
Bill Hader ... user
Jenny Slate ... wife
Jason Sudeikis ... user

That was pretty funny! Great job guys!

Flight Attendants

Summary: Flight attendants (Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox) are unnaturally upbeat and bubbly while announcing devastating news from the cabin.

Megan Fox ... Carla, flight attendant
Kristen Wiig ... flight attendant
Andy Samberg ... passenger from Hawaii
Abby Elliott ... passenger; Andy's girl
Bill Hader ... pilot (voice)
John Lutz ... passenger
Bobby Moynihan ... passenger
Nasim Pedrad ... passenger
Jenny Slate ... passenger

Andy and Abby play the straight characters here. Look for appearances from newcomers Nasim and Jenny in the front row (you really only see them in the final shot). Kevin Lutz and Emily Spivey appear at the bottom of the wide shot. They are SNL staff writers (read more about them at the bottom of this post).

Russian Mail Order Brides

Summary: (Will Forte) can't decide whether to choose attractive Russian bride (Megan Fox) or hulky, mannish Russian bride (Fred Armisen) with lesser qualities for ten dollars cheaper.

Megan Fox ... Katya
Fred Armisen ... Svetlana
Will Forte ... Mr. Colon
Bill Hader ... Vlad

This is mostly Andy and Abby playing the straight people to the crazy flight attendants.

Digital Short: The Date

Two special people on a special date.

Will Forte - SWAT Captain
Megan Fox - The Date

Not entirely sure why that wasn't a skit, but whatever. Will Forte was pretty funny. They had two digital shorts planned, so maybe this one was supposed to be a skit but they decided they'd like to shoot it instead.

Grady Wilson´s Put the Fire Back in your Marriage Techniques

Summary: Grady Wilson (Kenan Thompson; a recurring character) demonstrates how to put the fire back in your marriage.

Megan Fox ... Amber
Kenan Thompson ... Grady Wilson

Ouch. Why??? At least it's amusing when Megan comes on. She plays a good ditz.

U2 performs


Weekend Update with Seth Meyers

Summary: Jean K. Jean (Kenan Thompson) jokes about the G20 Summit. Travel writer Judy Grimes (Kristen Wiig).

To see Seth Meyers' Weekend Update gags, view the full episode above.

Recurring Characters: Jean K. Jean, Judy Grimes.

Jean K. Jean

The dancing is the funniest part. =^)

Judy Grimes

Seth flubs the intro but quickly recovers.

This is why Kristen Wiig is so amazing. She's got mad skills. This also helps validate Seth's point he made in an interview when he said that they can't put Kristen behind the desk or they'd lose great characters like this one. Good point, Seth.

Commercial: Live Lounge

Megan Fox answers calls.

Megan Fox ... Crystal
Fred Armisen ... caller
Abby Elliott ... caller
Will Forte ... caller
Bill Hader ... caller
Bobby Moynihan ... caller
Nasim Pedrad ... caller
Jenny Slate ... caller
Emily Spivey ... caller
Jason Sudeikis ... caller
Kristen Wiig ... caller

Bobby Moynihan was the best expression! Also, you get clear looks at Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate. Nasim is at 0:28, Bobby's at 0:42, and Jenny's at 0:47.

This skit is short and sweet.

U2 performs

"Moment Of Surrender"

Biker Chick Chat

Megan is said to have outstaged Kristen Wiig in this skit. Quite an accomplishment.

Megan Fox ... Donna
Jenny Slate ... Dawn
Kristen Wiig ... Beth

To see the full skit, see the full episode at the top of this post.

Note: Jenny slate accidentally cursed in her sketch debut, and because it wasn't planned, they didn't catch it, and it aired live. Pretty funny, but I hope they aren't too hard on her. It was the 3rd time it ever happened. 1st time got Charles Rocket canned. 2nd time was Cheri Oteri, who quickly apologized to all the execs and went on air and put a dollar in the swear jar to publically (and humorously) apologize. It worked and she got overlooked.

Jenny Slate, you should immediately apologize to the execs and get on SNL and put a dollar in the swear jar (maybe in the goodbyes of the next show).

Here is Jenny Slate's curse flub (WARNING: Language):

Jenny puffs her cheeks to show that she knew she messed up pretty big. Kristen Wiig dismisses it like a true champ. Here are some temporary versions:

Digital Short: Megan's Roommate

There is totally more than meets the eye. Andy Samberg comes over to Megan Fox's apartment for a movie date, only to encounter bitter jealousy from her roommate Optimus Prime.

Megan Fox - Herself
Andy Samberg - Hiself
Bobby Moynihan - Optimus Prime
Surprise - Bumblebee

I think that Optimus was Bobby Moynihan (confirmed; I was right). Come on. Nudity jokes? TLI can do much better, especially with Transformers!

Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox While You Get Ready

Megan Fox chats with her friend's mom (Kristen Wiig) over laundry.

Megan Fox ... Herself
Kristen Wiig ... mother

Turtleneck story is hilarious! A little boring otherwise though.

Closing Thoughts: Two videos with Andy up here, but neither really showed off his humor. So it wasn't a great day for Andy (last Thursday was actually better for Andy fans), but it was still a good show because it seems like everybody had a funny character to bounce off of Megan Fox. Megan Fox showed that she can pretty much take on any wacky SNL player. The most acting-like role she had though was with the flight attendant character.

Kristen again proves that she's one of the greatest femal SNL players of all time, and she's definitely the most successful at transitioning to a movie career (and she's only getting started with her film career).

Total appearances in this episode...

Megan Fox 9
U2 3
Brian Austin Green 1

Cast members:

Kristen Wiig 5
Bill Hader 5 (but 2 were voices and 1 was filmed)
Fred Armisen 4
Bobby Moynihan 4
Will Forte 4
Jenny Slate 4 (1 taped)
Abby Elliott 2
Jason Sudeikis 2
Kenan Thompson 2
Nasim Pedrad 2
Andy Samberg 2
John Lutz 1
Seth Meyers 1
Emily Spivey 1

Darrell Hammond was not in this episode. I think Darrell's final negotiations for this season are that he's off the show and occasionally stopping by to do his impressions.

Jenny Slate fires on all guns, getting into 4 skits for her first episode and introduces us to the biker chick characters with Kristen Wiig (including Kristen in a character skit is a wise first move, because it will probably get a sequel). However, firing on all guns also resulted in the curse flub (see my earlier notes in the biker chicks skit).

Nasim Pedrad didn't give us much here, but she did give us a great Kathy Griffin impression last Thursday. She'll need to up her game.

Bobby Moynihan has a strong showing, including the most talked about piece, as the naked Optimus Prime. He also gives us his recurring character, the classic audience member. So this was a good run for Bobby!

Andy Samberg was underutilized.

Kevin Lutz appears in the Flight Attendant sketch (wearing glasses at the bottom of the shot of all the passengers). Kevin is an SNL writer (since 2004) and he's an actor on 30 Rock. This is Kevin's 16th appearance on SNL in a bit role.

Emily Spivey is a writer on SNL since 2001, and she's appeared as an audience member and in other bit roles 4 times now. Emily is sitting next to Kevin on the bottom of the wide shot.



Erica said...

Haha, i personally loved the digital short. not only did Andy look amazing, but i was happy and surprised to see Brian. xD Isn't she dating Shia? o_O

Kate said...

If I am truly honest, I didn't find the show all that funny.
The airline one had some funny bits and I enjoyed Will Forte's voice in the DS. But as for the other sketches and both DSs, I didn't find them funny, I just had little chuckles.

I think the only thing I truly enjoyed was Weekend Update, mainly because I love Jean K. Jean and Judy Grimes.

Hopefully next week will be better.

Dee101 said...

I like the new SNL intro of everyones names !!

Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

For starters I agree with Dee101, I love the new intro too and was excited about about it. I thought the show was great, but could have been a little better (they had all summer). Megan was a surprisingly good host and SNL did manage some funny skits like: ''Flight Attendant'' with Kristen Wiig which was hysterical and I had to watch it more than once. The recurring Grady Wilson skit with Kenan was pretty funny and got funnier when Megan showed up in it. Russian Brides was funny and Fred Armisen is hilarious. Weekend Update could have been a little better, except for Kristen's part playing Judy Grimes and Kenan's Jean K. Jean once again. ''The Date'' was wierdly hilarious Will Forte was funny and his voice made it. ''Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox'' was funny with Kristen. And ''Biker Chicks Chat'' was a great way for Jenny Slate to show off her skills until she suprisingly cursed, but neverless it was pretty great, Megan and Kristen were ridiculous in it, hope Jenny doesn't get in trouble, I feel she has so much potential. ''Megan's Roomate'' with Andy, could have been better, but Andy was good in it and I believed it was Bobby playing Optimus, suprised by Brian (Megan's 'supposed' bf) making a appearance. I had a feeling that they were do something with Transformers! Anyway, hopefully next week would be a bit better I love Ryan Reynolds. Also sad about Darrell but glad he is making appearances and I did not see Nasim in like any of the sketches, and I agree Andy was way under used.

Ed Price said...

Thanks Tisha!

Nasim was a caller (voice only) in Live Lounge, and she was in the front row across from Andy and Abby in Flight Attendants (she was sitting next to Jenny Slate). You really can't see her very well. You can see her briefly in the last shot. Thanks!


Tisha Loves Comedy! said...

No thank you! I took your tips and watched Flight Attendant and Live Lounge again and saw and heard Nasim.

Hulu uploaded Live Lounge and Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox skits:

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