Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ask ASB - Why is Space Chimps getting a sequel?

Been awhile since we've had another episode of...

Ask Andy Samberg Blog

Why is Space Chimps getting a sequel?

Space Chimps did $30,105,968 domestically.

That's pretty bad when compared to Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks, who typically get well over $100 million domestically (really depends on the films).

Now Space Chimps cost $37 million to make. So by our normal standards, that's a flop. But that budget is actually super cheap, considering that the big boys spend over $100 million on an animated film. If you keep your costs down, then you don't need as big of a profit to have a "success."

So the first saving grace was that Space Chimps made $34,682,011 in foreign markets, totaling $64,787,979.

That said, not all that goes to the studio (a lot of it goes to the theaters). However, adding DVD sales on top of that, then "Space Chimps" definitely made a healthy profit for the studio.

Plus if they had a sweet script for the sequel, a promise that they can make the effects look better, and point that Andy Samberg is even more popular now than before... then I think they could sell the idea to the studio executives.


I think the aliens stuff from the first film was a little too "home video worthy" for a theatrical release, so I hope they have a better script and better alien effects if they venture back out to an alien planet. (Obviously Zartog is back, but he could be invading Earth.)

I think they knew that the alien stuff was the weakness, because it didn't show up in the trailer at all. Just going by the trailer, you actually didn't know that 80% of the movie was on an alien planet.

So I hope they make the script and alien stuff a little more movie-worthy. As for me, I loved the movie, and I thought the actors really did a great job!



Kate said...

I definitely think if Andy is in the next one, then they will marketing the fact that he is in the film. Because like you said, he is getting very popular. So I think it may do better the second time around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I think the actors were great,too,and I hope this one does better for them! I will miss Kristin Chenoweth's hilarious and gorgeous (ofcourse) voiced little one, unless like a soap-opera, she has a reprieve. LOL

Ed Price said...


Yes, let's hope this gets made with Andy. I would love to see him in more cartoons! Thanks!

Anony, good point. It would be great for the actors if this does well (and for the directors and writers). I wish them the best!


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