Saturday, October 03, 2009

Andy Samberg - Is Cathy (Save the Comics)

Here's one from the Seth Rogen episode last year:

NBC didn't post it, but we found it.

Not as good of an impression as the one with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, but Andy's Cathy is still funny (and most likely the spawn for this skit, similar to how the Swedish Chef bit spawned 2 SNL full Muppet skits).

Here's a description:

After the first ad break, the newspaper industry seems to have chosen 2009 as the year it completely fails, and what will this mean for the old-school funny pages? The comic strips have taken things in their own hands, with Dick Tracy (Sudeikis) leading a rally for "Save The Funnies." Everything about this echoes a sketch in January with Neil Patrick Harris helping to save Broadway, with most of the cast involved. This time, we're making fun of comic strip jokes...

Hagar the Horrible (Rogen) and his wife, Helga (Casey Wilson). Archie (Hader) and Veronica (Elliott). Garfield (Moynihan) and Jon (Will Forte), although Dick Tracy confuses Garfield for Heathcliff. "Do all orange cats look alike?" Which then leads to confusion over Kenan Thompson's character. This happened in the Broadway sketch, and this time, Thompson is thought to be part of "The Boondocks" cast, when really, he writes the bridge column. Darrell Hammond makes his weekly rare appearance as the Jumbles guy. "Kucf you!"

Cathy (Samberg) is the memorable one?! There's a Far Side reference. Stand-up Mike Drucker (who works behind the scenes) gets onscreen as "political cartoon" not being subtle as an AIG robber. Peppermint Patty (Wiig) and Marcie (Michaela Watkins) from Peanuts get caught making out. But hey, it's 2009! Armisen ends up finishing the sketch as the funniest thing in it, the Sudoku savior.



Anonymous said...

Tonight was so funny! Everyone was fantastic and there was tons of Andy! The only annoying thing is my channel must have cut bits of the show with commercials, did anyone else see what Scarlet J. was in? Otherwise great night and I am now a fastly growing fan of Lady Gaga, too- she killed it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my television is officially too small. I looked at the recaps and thought S.J. was one of the new girls in the Fountain skit (she was really good) and even thought someone was dressed as Madonna, until now. Too funny.

BTW- Don't know if it's just me, but the new comment forms always malfunction and take multiple attempts to post. Thanks :)

Ed Price said...

Anony2, Sorry about the new comment forms. Thought these would be easier since no popups. I'll revert back to the old comment forms for now, until I can figure out what's best.



Anonymous said...

Thank you! The pop up change works well! :)

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